• Air, Noise and Water Monitoring

The monitoring is being carried out by State Pollution Control Boards to ensure the improvement of the quality of the air / water and the prevention, control and abatement of Air/Water/Noise pollution.Regional Office of the Board has been provided well-equipped laboratory for monitoring and analysis of air, water, soil, and solid wastes and qualified and trained manpower capable of environmental monitoring, analysis and interpretation of monitoring data. Sub Regional Offices and monitoring centers are also provided with few instruments essential for sample collection and analysis of those parameters which are required to be done as per set standard norms

S.NO Act/Rules/Guidelines/Orders of Noise Monitoring LINK
1. धार्मिक स्थलों में ध्वनि विस्तारक यंत्रों पर कार्यवाही हेतु निर्देश View
2. M.P. Kolahal Niyantran Adhiniyam, 1985 View
3. Scale of compensation to be recovered for violation of noise pollution (regulation and control) rules, 2000 View
4. Madhya Pradesh High Court, Rajendra Kumar Verma vs The State Of M.P. And Ors. on 6 January,2015 View
5. Writ Petition (civil) 72 of 1998 View
6. HIGH COURT OF MADHYA PRADESH, BENCH AT INDORE Writ Petition No.24541/2018 (Umesh Sharma Vs. State of M. P. and Others) View
8. Supreme Court case no 72_98 - Noise Pollution Order dated 18-07-05 View
S.NO Monitoring (Environmental Quality) Reports LINK
1. Real-Time Monitoring View
2. Live Air Quality Status Of Cities View
3. Ambient Air Quality Index of M.P. View
4. PM10 of District Headquarter M.P. View
5. Water Quality of Identified Polluted River Streches View
6. First Rain Monitoring View
7. Air Quality Index (AQI)-Regular Air Quality Status of Madhya Pradesh (AQI) (Month / Year) View
8. Water Quality Index (WQI) View
9. RIVER NARMADA - Water Quality Report View
10. CETP Monitoring Data View
11. Yearly Target & Achievement (Year 2014 to 2019) View
S.NO Yearly Monitoring Reports of Air /Water / Noise LINK
1. Monitoring and Analysis Reports View
S.NO Standards & Guidelines LINK
1. The Inlet Quality Standards for the Common Effuent Treatment Plant
2. Industries Dicharging treated effluent in to Ganga & Narmada River Basin View
3. Water / Waste Water Sample Collection Guideline
4. Sampling & Monitoring Rates 2016
S.NO Action Plan Reports LINK
1. Action Plan for Air Planning in non-attainment Cities and on Rejunevation of Rivers View