• Hazardous Waste Management
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1. GPS Tracking for Hazardous Waste Transport View
2. Transportation of hazardous & other Wastes-M.P.P.C.B’s Authorized Transporter/Truck Nos. View
3. List of Authorized Hazardous Waste Importer in M.P.P.C.B. View
4. Integrated Plan for Hazardous Wastes Management under Rule 5(3) of HOWM Rules, 2016 View
5. Inventory of Hazardous Waste View
6. Pithampur Industrial Waste Management Pvt.Ltd. (PIWMPL) - Rates of Hazardous Waste Disposal View
7. Common Treatment Storage & Disposal Facility (CTSDF) i. View
ii. Escrow
8. Status Of Public Liability Insurance View
9. Format for inspection of Industries with regard to generation and management of Hazardous Waste View
10 Act / Rules / Notifications Click here to view
i. Public Liability Insurance Act View
ii. Hazardous and Other Waste (M & TBM) Rules, 2016 English
iii. Manufacture Storage And Import of Hazardous Chemical Rules View
iv. Notfication on Regulation of Lead Contents in H & D Paints View
11. Guidelines Click here to view
i. Wastes or By-Products Guidelines of CPCB View
ii. Environmental compensation guidelines of CPCB View
iii. Enforcement framework for effective implementation guidelines of CPCB View
iv. Guidelines for transportation of Hazardous Wastes as per CPCB View
v. Penalty and Liability guidelines for Hazardous Waste View
vi. Technical guidelines for Hazardous Waste Management View
12 Office Memorandum View
13. Compliance in the matter of NGT Order of O.A. No. 804/2017 View
14. Procedure for Processing the Proposals for Utilization of Hazardous Waste under Rule 9 of the Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Tran boundary Movement) Rules, 2016. View